Kuletu, let more people learn music in a simple and funny way, in addition, also fill the shortage of multi-touch music software for Windows tablets.

In Spring 2011, launch the development and design efforts.
In autumn 2012, launch the official website.
In Spring 2016, release 13th version - V1.3.

Kuletu music software contains the following features:
  • Small executable size, green, single file.
  • Fast response.
  • Graphical, modular.
  • Crossover, tablet and desktop mode, you can also set a suitable zoom level according to the screen size.

New features of next version 1.8 (Early 2020 Release):
  • 30+ new user interface languages.
  • Some other new features.

[Watch demonstration video]
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Kuletu development team needs your support. And if you have any further queries, requests or suggestions, we will be pleased to assist you, please address it to the email address consisting of kuletumusic followed by @gmail.com.

Music is the greatest gift that God gave to us, also bring us together, it is clear that this will last forever.